Tips for Keeping a Garbage Disposal Clean

Tips for Keeping a Garbage Disposal CleanAnother important part of a kitchen faucet kit I would like to mention in this article is garbage disposal. The role of this part is indispensable in the cooking and washing process. So, do you know what role a garbage disposal plays? Ok, let’s simply imagine that every day we use the kitchen faucet system to wash vegetables, meat, dishes, and fruits and so on. But, sometimes, the small food may be dropped into the holes and if they aren’t remained, of course they will cause the interruption of water flow. So, in this situation, a garbage disposal helps us to keep the trash and prevent the water system from interrupting due to these trashes.

People use the best garbage disposal and usually meet a problem as below: With the garbage remained, in case we don’t clean them a few days, which leads to the bad smell.

So, how can we clean a garbage disposal effectively?

 Tip 1: Use baking soda flour and white vinegar

a,  Ingredients:

Baking soda flour

2 – 3 liters of hot water

Water container

Protective gloves

b, Procedure

Step 1: Clean and get the trash or dust out the sink using water container. Dry the sink by dry wipes.

Step 2: Put a little bit baking soda into the garbage disposal. Then add a litter of vinegar into the hole of the garbage disposal.

Step 3: The process of chemical reaction will remove all trashes for preventing the pipe from jam within 5 – 10 minutes. After that, add the hot as prepared into the sink. All the trashes are removed.

Tip 2: Use iron or clothes hooks

This tip is one of the most popular and easy ways people use. It’s not hard to find an iron hook or a clothes hook, right? What you have to do is to turn the hook into straight hook. Then, use your hands, put the hook into the garbage disposal and pull the trash, wires, food out.

Tip 3: Use multi functional vacuum cleaner

Another way to clean up all garbage out of your garbage disposal is a vacuum cleaner. This device is considered as an idea which we can take advantage on the convenience of an available vacuum cleaner.

So, do you know how to turn this kind of machine into garbage cleaner for your sink? To remove all the trash out, you can use the Vacuum tube to cover tightly the hole of the disposal and carry out vacuuming all trash out.

Tip 4: Use a rubber piston

Have ever used a piston to clean your garbage disposal? Actually, this can be a useful and effective device for your cleaning purpose.

Indeed, how can we use it effectively?

a, Preparation:

01 rubber piston

02 – 04 liters of hot water

01 water container, gloves and wipes

b, Procedure

Step 1:  clean and get water out the sink.

Step 2: Add amount of hot water almost full of the sink

Step 3: Use the piston, put it fit in the hole of the disposal and then push the piston strongly straight the hole.

The power of your hands will create the pressure and push the trash out.

Step 4: discharge the hot water for the trash easily go.

Tip 5: Use a fish bone device

A fish bone device can also be used as two devices as above (multi functional vacuum cleaner, rubber piston).

Tip 6: Use microorganisms eating lard or oil

Sometimes, once you wash dishes after cooking, the sink may be get risk of being covered by oil or lard. These ingredients are considered as hardly to be destroyed and causes of foul water system. There is no solution if we apply the tips above. In this case, according to you, what should we do to solve this problem?

There will be a lot of offers for you, but here in my suggestion, microorganisms can help you. With the ability of destroying the structure of oil, the obstruction will be solved sooner.

Keep these useful tips into your pouch. One day, it will be your supporters and your friends in your house when you get troubles with your water system obstruction. Clean the garbage disposal is also the way you keep your kitchen faucet kit age become longer. Hope these tips will good for you.


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