Reset Your Garbage Disposal With A Press – Why don’t you Try

In the previous article, I guided you how to deal with one of the most popular troubles that most of households usually meet with a garbage disposal is clog. However, not just clog, in addition, we also face with the other one – We call “garbage overload”. Actually, we all know that the main function of a garbage disposal is to play a role as a garbage container where all used garbage is remained. With the much using frequency, it is easily getting risk of overloading, which, of course, makes the machine ineffectively or even stops working.

So, have you ever met the similar case? How can we deal with it? Today, I will introduce you the simplest way to reset your garbage disposal with the RED overload reset button. Let’s follow these following steps:

Step 1: Turn off the switch

Obviously, to make sure the reset process run safely, the first thing you need to comply with is to turn off the switch of the system.

Step 2: Determine exactly where the Red protector Button is

If you are well-known about all household appliances, you certainly easily know the position of this button in your garbage disposal. However, in case, you are not good at machines, don’t worry I will help you to identify where it is.

Firstly, you have to have basic background knowledge of this button. In addition to the reset overload function, the RED color and square-shape are two identifications that help you easily find out. Now, under the garbage disposal, then use your fingers and move them around the disposal bottom to look for the button. Feel the small button with square-shape. If you still can’t find it, try to take a closer look under the disposal. You will see clearer.

Step 3: Press the Red overload reset button

After finding out where the RED button is, we do the action of press it down. Sometime, you will hardly recognize the action done so that you have to try to listen to the sound of the button. Press and press until you hear the clicking sound. Then there is a button pop, which means that there is some problem with the disposal and it is on the resetting process.

Step 4: Check the working ability of the garbage disposal

When the resetting process is finished, it is time to check whether your work has been done or the overload trouble is still remained.

So what can we do next? Let’s check with water. Open the cold water stream, and turn on the switch of the garbage disposal. Try to listen to the sound from the grinding process of the disposal. If the water run smoothly and everything seems be fixed. Congratulation! The overload runs away.

Nevertheless, sometimes, the disposal may not work well. There may also be clogs or the other problems like this even when you finished resetting. I think your disposal needs to be replaced the new one or a reparation, doesn’t it?

That’s all the process I want to introduce you. Hope these be helpful for your house. After all, we certainly recognize the importance of a garbage disposal in the kitchen. Therefore, to prevent it from clogs or overloading, we need to be careful in using, carry out seriously what we should do and shouldn’t do with the garbage and the disposal every day. What are they? Do: Look after your disposal, clean it every day after washing and check and fix proper and immediately if you find some troubles. Don’t: Never put your hands into the disposal when resetting or unclogging, never throw garbage that is hardly discomposed such as plastic, paper, metal and so on. Especially, don’t throw the food like oil into the drain, which makes you hardly clean up.

Be a smart user!

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