Unclog a Garbage Disposal – Easy or Hard

Under the sink garbage disposal unit .

Clog is well known as a popular trouble we usually encounter whenever we use a kitchen faucet system. Especially, it normally happens with the garbage disposal covered with the used food or trash, which makes the drain flushed by sewage. Sometimes, this problem is the main cause of drawbacks for most of household’s hygiene daily activities. Have you ever met any similar cases like that? If the answer is yes, how did you deal with this?

It is actually not an easy solution for a household to unclog the garbage disposal by himself. But if you try, there will be nothing that we can’t do! Let’s try to unclog it by your own hands using these following steps:

Step 1: Prepare the necessary tools

– a flashlight or a torch

– A pair of pliers, a pair of plungers

Step 2: Turn off the electric switch/ power

To make sure the unclogging process carried out safely and successfully, the most important you have to turn off the electric switch. This button may be near the garbage disposal.

Step 3: Determine clearly what causes make the clog

Before carrying out unclogging a garbage disposal, what we need to do first is to try to find the reason causing the clog, which means that the reason may be some hard objects or used food or a plastic piece or sometimes it can be a string and so on.

So how can we check to find out the cause clogging the drain?

  • At first, we have to make sure that the garbage disposal is turn off so that we can avoid unexpected dangers as well as injury. You just check for any materials you don’t need to turn off the power.
  • Identity what causes clog by using some devices that can help us to see the material. Some devices can be flashlight, torch.

After this step, we may encounter 2 cases.

In the first case, you may luckily see something or material in the disposal, which is easy to deal with. However, in some unexpected cases, how can you deal with them?

Let follow the following guidelines for both cases.

In case 1: You can identify the clogs

Step 4: Unclogging the garbage disposal with pliers and plunger

Pliers and plungers can be the good supporters to get the clog out. Depending on what kind of trash (food or the other materials), you choose the suitable device to remove it.

Notice that don’t open the valve or run the water while checking, which may be hard for you to identify exactly what reasons are. Besides, remember that don’t use your fingers or hands to check because it may harm and make your hands injured.

Step 5: Wait until the motor disposal cool

Step 6:

Turn on the switch and let water run to check whether the clog is still remained or not. If everything works properly, congratulate your progress. You can unclog your garbage disposal by yourself.

In case 2: The clogs are not easy to determine

Step 7: Process the clogs

In this step, instead of using pliers or plunger, we should use a long stick or a broom handle to strongly push the impeller of the disposal that is considered as a place containing the blades of the garbage grind and let the impeller move freely.

Turn on the switch, open the water system for smoothly run.

Until now, you have had a basic knowledge to deal with clog in your garbage disposal and I am sure that you can do it by yourself without any helps of plumbers.

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